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Life Coaching is about making a positive personal change! It is a fantastic process that allows you to rediscover yourself. Life Coaching will help you recognise your true potential and reveal your hidden strengths. It will help create a better balance in your life and can play a major part in your personal advancement. Sometimes we have to look inwards before we can move forwards. Life Coaching is a journey of self-discovery and a big step to a happier and more fulfilling life style.

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🔶 What is Life Coaching

Clear your head, choose your future, make it happen

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Sometimes all of lifes little details get in the way and cloud our view of the bigger picture. You might have heard the expression “you can’t see the woods for the trees”. At My Life Wellbeing, Life Coaching helps you tidy through the confusion and distractions to help you see more clearly all other potential options and opportunities available to you. Then using a wide variety of techniques to best suit each individual, My Life Wellbeing provides tools that help find, develop and utilise your skills to achieve your objectives. Not only will you find the woods you will create your own path through it. 

My Life Wellbeing Champion

Life Coaching is not therapy or about giving advice. Your Life Coach is your personal, empathetic and supportive guide who will help prepare you for success by helping you uncover your true potential and become the best you that you can be. Consider yourself an athlete of life and your life coach your encouraging collaborator, assisting you to find direction, develop and fine-tune your skills and spurring you on every step of the way.

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🔶 Benefits of Life Coaching

Opening doors you never new existed

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° Life Coaching gives you confidence, clarity and direction.

° Life Coaching will bring out the very best in you.

° Life Coaching will help you achieve your goals and fulfil your ambitions.

° Life Coaching helps find and develop your strengths, discovers your hidden talents and uncovers your potential.

° Life Coaching can be used as a Think Tank for Brainstorming your ideas and projects.

° Life Coaching will help you overcome major stress related issues including PTSD.

° Life Coaching will change your life!

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🔶 What to expect

Know before you go

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Consider your Life Coach as a personal and private soundboard, someone to share your thoughts and feelings with in the strictest of confidence. Someone to help you discover direction and new possibilities that will help you make major positive changes in your life.

Goal SettingTo move forward you need to know where you are going! Life Coaching is fun, exciting and will assist you map out your personal landmarks to success with obtainable goals you feel comfortable with.

Questions: Your Life Coach will ask many questions and be an attentive, empathetic and supportive listener. Their skill is to know how to ask the right questions to help you find your own answers or to give clarity to where the answer may lie.

Challenging your thoughts: Life Coaching is a healthy tool to help you look at situations from a different perspective in ways you might not have considered before. So at times your Life Coach may challenge your answers with the intent to help you examine all other options and possibilities.

Clearing your vision: Life Coaching is an excellent way of creating clarity by using techniques that can help simplify things. This gives you a better sense of control allowing you to move forward more efficiently.

Creating your foundation: Anything that grows or is built needs a strong foundation to last. Your journey deserves that same strength. Life Coaching helps you build strong foundations in motivation, confidence and the ability to make clear productive decisions to support your endeavours.

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🔶 Time to change

Stop dreaming, Start doing

People use Life Coaching for…

Personal Growth

To fulfil an ambition
Find a new direction
Discover hidden strengths


Confidence building
Developing new skills
Sport performance

Work Life

Career development
Learn to enjoy your job
Finding balance between work & home

Home Life

Dealing with change
Creating change

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The earlier you start your new journey the quicker you will reap the rewards, fulfil your goals and live a more happy and balanced life. There is no time like the present, the past has gone and the future rests in what you do today.

For a free, no obligation consultation call today. Tel: 07913242419

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🔶 Why choose My Life Wellbeing

Experience, Professionalism, Results

Choosing a Life Coach is an important decision. It is about finding someone you feel at ease with and in an environment you can relax in.

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By feeling comfortable in your surroundings and with your chosen Life Coach you will be more focused and achieve faster results. My Life Wellbeing invites you to come and enjoy our comfortable, quiet and professional clinic conveniently located in Redditch town, overlooking the church green. We pride ourselves on delivering a top quality and friendly service.

Coaching works as a partnership between you and your Life Coach. Therefore you should feel happy and trusting of the person you choose to work with. You need to know that they are understanding, encouraging, empathetic and experienced. This is why My Life Wellbeing offers you a FREE consultation with no obligation, giving you the opportunity to meet your coach and view our relaxing location before making any decision. To find out more about Mark click here.

At My Life Wellbeing we care about our clients that is why your goals become our goals and we are committed in helping you achieve success.

My Life Wellbeing operates under the ethics of the National Council for Hypnotherapy. All practitioners hold professional qualifications and have full liability insurance.


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