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Do you want, need, deserve some quality “you” time? Imagine snuggling into a comfortable chair and being gently guided into a peaceful state of freedom. Letting go of the busyness of the day, step back from your daily routine, clear your mind of pending tasks and issues, find a peaceful place where you can take a breath, clear your head, create stillness and truly relax.

There are so many benefits to a Mind Spa experience from feeling free of mental and physical pressures to finding motivation, energy and drive. It is a great way to unwind and relax or to get focused and mentally prepared for an upcoming event, a busy week or perhaps a sporting challenge.

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🔷 What is Mind Spa?

Let go, unwind, escape

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Consider Mind Spa as a gentle and relaxing mind massage or mental pampering that can leave you feeling amazing and it is as simple as sitting in a chair. Using a combination of mindfulness, hypnosis and emotional freedom techniques it is easy to find real relaxation and calmness. A Mind Spa session is an enjoyable tension releasing experience that can leave you feeling refreshed, rested with a sense of clarity and calmness.

Note: Even though Hypnosis techniques are used Mind Spa is not Hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is a combination of using relaxation techniques with the addition of a variety of psychological approaches aimed at achieving specific goals. For more information on Hypnotherapy click here.

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🔷 Advantages of Mind Spa

Are you fed up of saying “I don’t have time”

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Why do people enjoy visiting a Spa? The simplest answer is visiting a Spa helps you alleviate stress and tension that leaves you feeling better, more relaxed and happier. At a Mind Spa you can achieve the same emotional feelings and it is often more affordable than a conventional relaxation massage and easier to fit into your day. A Mind Spa experience can also help you to naturally relax muscle tension which is very beneficial for those unable to endure psychical massage. And a big added bonus is the inherent long lasting cognitive effects.

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🔷 The Balancing Benefits

Find your perfect state of perpetual emotion

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Consider the mind/body balance as a state of perpetual “emotion”. The way we feel affects our bodies and how our bodies feel affects our minds. As a simple example of how our mindset can affect us physically: When we feel strong, confident and happy we stand tall. Feel stressed, tired and drained and we naturally slouch. Have you noticed how much better you feel after either successfully completing a task, doing nothing while on holiday or that satisfying feeling after completing physical exercise. Whether it is a mental or physical act both mind and body are affected.

A Mind Spa experience takes you to that place where you generate good emotions and in turn bring calmness to your body. At the same time relaxing your body by simply resting in a chair can calm your mind. A Mind Spa experience can help lift that heavy fog that can often cloud our thoughts. It can emotionally remove that weight from your shoulders. Visiting My Life Wellbeing Mind Spa will help you escape into a state of calmness.

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🔷 Break free and escape

Don’t let stress, anxiety or pain sneaking up behind you

Our emotions and feelings are always working, always changing, constantly effecting our mood and behaviour. Therefore, not allowing yourself time to truly rest, regroup and recharge can restrict your effectiveness and potential or even set you on a path to mental and physical exhaustion. This ominous build up usually grows slowly over time, this is why we don’t even know or realise that stress and tension is even there. It all feels quite normal up until the breaking point where our bodies start to feel discomfort or pain, our patience start to wear thin and our heads begin to race with a whirlwind of information that can cause irritability and sleeping issues. However, taking a moment once in a while to clear your mind, breathe and truly relax will defuse potential health issues before the inevitable breaking point, be them mental or physical.

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Break the routine, free yourself from a conditioning cycle. A Mind Spa experience can help open your mind and stimulate your skill sets, expedite the minds resting and balancing processes allowing you to operate with clarity and calmness while helping to reduce muscular tension and stress. It is perfect for busy people with busy schedules as well as those looking to enjoy a calm, fun and quiet social group activity. It is also a wonderful introduction to the huge benefits of hypnotherapy.

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🔷 Mind Spa Fees and Group Discounts

Do you deserve to be pampered? What about your friends?

Come and enjoy a private pampering relaxation session or even take advantage of the great discounts that are available on group bookings.

Bring a friend or two

The wonderful thing about attending a Mind Spa is that it can be shared as a group. So why not enjoy a nice mind massage with your friends. If you wish to bring a friend or two please ask for the ‘Mind Spa Group Discount'.

Your visit
_______________£40 per person
You and a friend_________£30 per person
You and two friends______£20 per person
You and three friends
_____£15 per person

Sessions last approximately 1 hour


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