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Hypnotherapy can be a stand alone tool to lose weight through its successful track record of stimulating and motivating changes in eating and exercise habits. It is also considered a very popular addition for those who attend weight loss clubs or to support a personal weight loss plan. The real reward of using Hypnotherapy is that it will help you to maintain your goal weight once you have reached it.

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🔶 So how can hypnosis help you lose weight?

It makes sense when you think about it

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This is best answered by first asking the question why do most diets fail? It’s not because of the food and it’s not because of the program being followed. The majority of the time it’s because it’s a breakdown of willpower, self-control and lack of motivation. This is usually followed by excuses simply to justify why it failed. Does this sound familiar? If your mind is not in the right place then you will fail no matter how good your diet plan is. The reason hypnotherapy works in helping people reach their chosen healthy weight is embedded in the way hypnosis creates a strong foundation of long lasting confidence, stamina and a clear sense of purpose.

Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool that will significantly help you achieve your chosen weight by controlling cravings, strengthening willpower and eliminating bad habits.

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🔶 Why Weight Loss with Dream Team?

A different approach might just be the key

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Losing weight does not happen over night and it takes what seems like an eternity before you start seeing and feeling the results. With the help of a Dream Team Weight Loss program you can build a strong foundation of willpower and motivation to help you through the toughest part of any weight loss challenge… getting through that first month. After you have successfully achieved this milestone of weight loss you will have already embedded new and health eating habits, be in full control of your dietary choices and have a much stronger chance of achieving your ideal weight.

Mark Price My Life Wellbeing

My Life Wellbeing offers a unique, fun and effective group Weight Loss program that combines hypnotherapy with a motivational team program. The collaboration of these two powerful elements works extremely well as the program title describes

Using your mind and imagination in a relaxed state stimulates a more open acceptance to “a change of mind” that creates faster and long lasting changes in unwanted habits. It helps strengthen your focus and determination towards achieving your goal.

° To be part of a connected group creates support, builds strength and increases motivation.

Great for friends and colleagues who all want to achieve the same goal.

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🔶 What to expect

Know before you go

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Become more motivated, feel more supported and increase your willpower. In a relaxed and informal environment you and your friends can enjoy a new approach to losing weight. You will be able to bring true focus and ambition to your goal through fun conversation, team camaraderie, goal setting and empowering Hypnotherapy.

DREAM TEAM programs run as follows...

The first month is alway the hardest but the most important because this is when you build the foundations for your ongoing success. There are 3 sessions, each lasting approximately 1hr 30mins. After the initial meeting the second session is a week later. The third session takes place 2 weeks after that. This guides you through to day 28.

Session 1
Day 1: Meet and greet, goal setting, habit change hypnotherapy.

Session 2
Day 8: Achievement, engage momentum, supportive hypnotherapy.

Session 3
Day 22: The new me, tools to take away, reinforcement hypnotherapy.

Each program consists of a small group of 4 to 6 people. Put your own team together for discounted rates.

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🔶 Dream Team Fees & Discounts

Save Money, Lose Weight

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A 3 session programme for small groups of 4 to 6 people is £120 per person. That is only £40 per session per person.

Discount for a pre-made group

If you gather together a group of 4 to 6 of your friends or colleagues all wanting to lose some weight then the cost goes down to £90 per person. That is only £30 per session per person.

Note: A Dream Team Programme is to be paid in full at the first session.


“This was the kickstart I really needed to finally get my weight down, so simple yet so effective… thank you”

Private Sessions

Although the Dream Team program is very effective not all techniques suit everyone. This is why Mark also offers private weight loss hypnotherapy sessions. You now have a choice of alternative approaches to help you lose weight that best suits your needs and personality.
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