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Money saving Group Sessions for Quitting Smoking

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Quit smoking with hypnosis and team camaraderie. My Life Wellbeing offers a unique, fun and effective group smoking cessation program that combines hypnotherapy with a motivational team program. The collaboration of these two powerful elements works extremely well as the program title describes

Using your mind and imagination in a relaxed state stimulates a more open acceptance to “a change of mind” that creates faster and long lasting changes in unwanted habits. It helps strengthen your focus and determination towards achieving your goal.

° To be part of a connected group creates support, builds strength and increases motivation.

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🔶 The advantage is…

It’s in the numbers

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Although one hypnotherapy session can help many people stop smoking straight away the chances of a relapse remain high. Statistics show that if you stop smoking for 28 days you are five times more likely to remain a non smoker for life*. This is why a 3 session Dream Team Smoking Cessation programme is designed to guide you through to day 28 giving you a solid foundation to remain a life long non smoker.

* (R West and J Stapleton entitled 'Clinical and public health significance of treatments to aid smoking cessation', (Eur Respir Rev 2008; 17: 110, 199-204).

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🔶 What to expect

Know before you go

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Become more motivated, feel more supported and increase your willpower. In a relaxed and informal environment you and your friends can enjoy a wonderful process that helps curve urges and neutralises the “need”. You will be able to bring true focus and ambition to your goal through fun conversation, team camaraderie, goal setting and empowering Hypnotherapy.

Under the guidance and motivational direction of your professional Hypnotherapist and Life Coach Mark Price you will find this program fun, sociable and inspiring.

Change does not have to be hard… it can be an enjoyable experience!

DREAM TEAM programs run as follows...

3 sessions, each lasting approximately 1hr 30mins. After the initial meeting the second session is a week later. The third session takes place 2 weeks after that.

Session 1
Day 1: Meet and greet, goal setting, habit change hypnotherapy.

Session 2
Day 8: Achievement, engage momentum, supportive hypnotherapy.

Session 3
Day 22: The new me, tools to take away, reinforcement hypnotherapy.

Each program consists of a small group of 4 to 6 people. Put your own team together for discounted rates.
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🔶 Break the cycle, kick the habit.

It can be done

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Every individual has a different reason for smoking and each of these reasons is usually supported by a false benefit. A false benefit being a reason or excuse why a person continues to smoke. Regardless of why someone justifies smoking there is one common element that is true for all smokers - smoking is nothing more than a habit, an unwanted and unhealthy practice caught in a recurring and endless routine.

This is why hypnotherapy is so successful in helping people stop smoking because it is extremely effective at targeting, breaking down and unlearning old habits and replacing them with new ones. By doing so it causes a positive disruption in the cycle of unwanted or unrecognised routines resulting in a rapid transformation. Hypnotherapy is a fantastic tool for making any new desired change much easier to manage and the journey less challenging.

As with all hypnotherapy it is important to remember that to succeed you must at least have some desire to stop smoking. Unlike the myth that contradicts the real truth about hypnosis, you can’t be made to do something you don’t want to do. Therefore, if you don't want to stop smoking you can't be made to, if you would like to stop smoking My Life Wellbeing is here to help you succeed!

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🔶 Dream Team Fees & Discounts

Stop your money going up in smoke

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A 3 session programme for small groups of 4 to 6 people is £120 per person. That is only £40 per session per person.

Discount for a pre-made group

If you gather together a group of 4 to 6 of your friends or colleagues all wanting to lose some weight then the cost goes down to £90 per person. That is only £30 per session per person.

Note: A Dream Team Programme is to be paid in full at the first session.


Private Sessions

Although the Dream Team program is very effective not all techniques suit everyone. This is why Mark also offers private smoking cessation hypnotherapy sessions. You now have a choice of alternative approaches to help you stop smoking that best suits your needs and personality.
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