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Celebrity Hypnotherapy

Some fun facts about who has used hypnotherapy to achieve success

It has been report in the media that the following celebrities have used hypnotherapy at some point in their lives to overcome personal and career challenges. This page honours their achievements and highlights the usefulness of hypnotherapy.

Celebrity Hypnotherapy

You have heard sport campions talk about getting into the “Zone”. That place where true focus leads the way, full concentration blocks outside distractions, where mind and body are as one to produce the best results. It all starts from having the right mindset. Hypnosis brings calmness, focus and balance together and has been used by many winners, past and present.

Tiger Woods, one of Americas most successful and best paid golfers, first used hypnosis at the age of 13. He has continued to use these techniques to help him to get "into the zone” helping him remain calm and focused. More interesting info for golf fans, Jack Niklaus also accredited Hypnosis and visualisation techniques for improving his focus and concentration.

It was reported that Americas former number 1 tennis player Jimmy Connors used hypnosis techniques to practice his winning strokes prior to the US Open Championship. Mental rehearsal, visualising and imaging a step-by-step run-through are key elements of a hypnosis sports program.

David Beckham went to see a hypnotist for what has only been reported as "personal issues”. What is known is that any unbalanced or troubled areas in our lives will have a negative impact on other areas. Ever had something play on your mind resulting in you not being able to concentrate or focus at work? You could call this a mental or emotional distraction. Fix these issues and it will have a positive knock on effect opening the doors to success.

Celebrity Hypnotherapy

Anxiety and stress can increase or trigger stuttering. Hypnotherapy can be used by itself or in conduction with other coaching techniques with great effect. It is good to remember that “Hypno
sis” is a relaxation technique that stimulates focus, “Hypnotherapy” is the use of psychological therapeutic methods and interventions used while a subject is in a relaxed and focused state.

In his youth Bruce Willis was challenged with stuttering. Quite the concern for a budding actor. Through hypnotherapy and coaching Willis has not only overcome this potentially restrictive issue but conquered Hollywood. Yippee Ki Yay!

The deep powerful voice of James Earl Jones is legendary but did you know he did not speak for 8 years after developing and very bad stutter at the age of 4. Through a combination of techniques he has learnt to control his stuttering. Fun fact: James Earl Jones is know as the voice of Darth Vader, lesser known fact is that the time he spent recording the voice over for the first movie was only two and half hours.

It has been reported that Academy Award-winning actress Julia Roberts used hypnotherapy as part of speech therapy to help overcome a stutter. Interesting fact is that her brother, actor Eric Roberts, also had a stutter too when he was younger.

Celebrity Hypnotherapy

Sylvester Stallone, a struggling writer and actor, worked with hypnotherapist Gil Boyne leading up to the filming Rocky in 1976. Confidence and belief in oneself can open many opportunities. Stallone’s perseverance and determination in his own life are echoed in the character he created and played onscreen.

It can be very daunting to stand up in front of a room full of people and deliver a speech. So think about how you would feel if the whole nation was watching. Princess Diana was said to have employed a Hypnotherapist to help her confidence in public speaking. Through her words may great charities benefited.

Like many actresses Reese Witherspoon has had her fair share of rejections and criticism but through hypnotherapy she has overcome her insecurities, regained confidence and pushed forward. Witherspoon was nominated for an Oscar for “Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role”. She also used Hypnotherapy while
on the set of the movie “Wild” to help tame her nerves. This was acknowledged in a Vogue interview… “…but even more difficult were the sex scenes, which Witherspoon so dreaded that she employed a hypnotist to help quell her nerves”. Vogue Magazine
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More fun celebrity hypnotherapy insight and hypo-gossip coming next week…