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CBT & NLP - Basic Principles

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CBT and NLP both have the same agenda, to create a better balance in our minds that give us better control of our thoughts and actions that ultimately influence our emotions. They are both powerful, yet different techniques in helping build good mental health. If you are not emotionally feeling well then your state of mind is not supporting you as well as it could. In turn, your emotional and physical responses to people, situations or events may be generating disappointing or undesired results. If your mind is not clear or feels clouded then this can restrict your personal growth. CBT and NLP are both used by those wanting to find a better balance in their lives and possibly fill emotional or physical gaps. And by those who are seeking direction and advancement from an already successful career or life style.

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🔶 What is CBT

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Why is it two people can share the same information, have the same tools, have the same opportunities and both wish to achieve the same goal but one succeeds where the other falls short or fails? The answer is the process in which they formulated their thoughts.

Our thoughts are created using the way we have learned to speak. How we word incoming information affects our physical or emotional response. Each word impacts how we approach situations thus affecting the outcome. Eg: One person might think… “To get the promotion I
could make a good impression on my boss”, while another thinks “To get the promotion I will make a good impression on my boss”. The difference is very small but the outcome is potentially huge!

There is so much more to CBT than this but the fundamentals stand true, small changes in the way we think can lead to big results. At My Life Wellbeing we will teach you very useful CBT techniques to help make change easier and fun. CBT is a great talking therapy that will help identify where you might subconsciously use negative thought structures allowing you to create (or programme) new more effective ones to support your continued growth. CBT is used a lot in Life Coaching and a great tool to help create positive change.

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Time to change

The earlier you start your new journey the quicker you will reap the rewards, fulfil your goals and live a more happy and balanced life. There is no time like the present, the past has gone and the future rests in what you do today.

Remember you always have a choice, so ask yourself what would you say…

Today I want to make a change in my life
Today I will make a change in my life".

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🔶 What is NLP

Neurolingistic Programming

NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) is an accelerated learning strategy that models excellence. It creates a healthy and positive balance between the way we think and the way we process information. NLP helps to build better and stronger communication skills and identifies multiple ways to approach our goals and our challenges. Having the ability to be better understood and to better understand others opens opportunities. Opening opportunities creates choice. Having choice gives you that wonderful feeling of control. Having control reduces stress and anxiety and builds confidence and motivation. NLP techniques helps us learn more about ourselves, thus giving us the power to fine-tune who we really want to be, by learning from others through adopting and adapting positive practices that we see already working. The results become noticeable through the advancement in what we are doing, our outward demeanour and in the success of achieving set goals.

Health and happiness starts in the mind. My Life Wellbeing offers different approaches for individuals and business to help develop good mental health, NLP being one of them. Used in conduction with other techniques and programs, such as Life Coaching, practicing NLP can initiate a fast track to successful change.

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Time to change

The earlier you start your new journey the quicker you will reap the rewards, fulfil your goals and live a more happy and balanced life. There is no time like the present, the past has gone and the future rests in what you do today.


As individuals we all have our own instinctive preferences on ways that we best take onboard, analyse, store and then use information. This is why having a choice of different learning techniques is key in helping a wide variety of people and their diverse personalities achieve their goals. At My Life Wellbeing we can help you uncover which techniques work best for you and through this help you use your strengths more effectively and retrain other areas that are holding you back from happiness and success. Life Coaching uses a combination of these techniques to maximise fast and positive results.

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